Smoke blocks, combustion and ventilation

Combustion and smoke ventilation blocks: a) ventilation and smoke blocks, b) ventilation blocks with individual duct, c) combustion blocks with a collecting conduit; 1 - base block, 2 - connection block.

The blocks shown in the figure were used for smoke and ventilation ducts in buildings constructed of large-block and large-panel elements.. Ducts made of blocks can be placed in walls that do not transfer loads from the ceilings or in holes left for cables in floor slabs. There are individual and collective cables.

The blocks used for the wires are made of ceramic fittings, gravel concrete and refractory concrete. Smoke and exhaust pipes are made of heat-resistant blocks. The individual pipes are connected to the collection pipe in every second storey. The last two storeys must have individual ducts led above the roof.

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