The structure of the hall with a gable roof

Structural diagram of a steel hall: a) view, b) cross-section, c) gable wall solution; 1- truss, 2 — slup, 3 - longitudinal brace, 4 - wall brace, 5 - roof ridge, 6 - wall bolts.

The structure of the hall with a gable roof is shown in the drawing. The girders are connected with the columns with braces, forming a rigid frame-type arrangement in the transverse direction of the hall. Bracing in the external walls and in the roof slope stiffen the building in both directions. Transoms in external walls stiffen them to the action of horizontal forces and serve as a support for filling wall materials.

Connections of the transoms with the bolt column: a), b) rolled profiles, c), d) welded profiles.

The figure shows the rigid bolted connections of a solid transom with a solid column. In a rigid connection, the column base is larger than in an articulated connection.

Structural structure of the hall; 1 - spread footing, 2 – frame with lattice bolt, 3 - purlin, 4 - brace, 5 - cover.

Another hall structure is shown in the drawing. The load-bearing structure consists of frames with a lattice transom. In the longitudinal direction, the rigidity of the hall is ensured by vertical braces placed in the intermediate fields of the columns of the longitudinal walls, roof bracing and purlins. Supported transport is not provided in the hall. The detail of the connection of the lattice transom with the mullion is shown in the drawing.

Detail of the connection between the lattice transom and the column; 1 - pole, 2 - truss top chord, 3 - bottom belt, 4 - cross brace.


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