OW-T / 75 system connectors

Connection diagrams of external longitudinal walls; vertical and horizontal sections; a) load-bearing external walls, b) bearing wall beam; 1 - external wall, 2 - ceiling, 3 – beam-wall.

OW-T / 75 system connectors

The figure above shows connection diagrams of external walls with internal walls, and in the figure below the outer walls in the corner. Joint reinforcement is similar to that shown in other systems.

Angled connectors; a), b) load-bearing external walls.

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  1. Good morning,
    I am very interested in the OWT-75 system in terms of reinforcement of balcony slabs (more specifically, logic), I see a lot of diagrams in your articles. this system, would it be possible to provide me with a fragment regarding the reinforcement of balconies. I care a lot, I will be very grateful for contact

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