The flat roof is full

An example of a full flat roof (slab ceiling); 1 - reinforced concrete slab, 2 - vapor barrier insulation, 3 - lightweight aggregate, 4 - plaster, 5 - semi-hard mineral wool boards, 6 – cement screed, 7 - one layer of roofing felt, 8 - two layers of roofing felt, 9 - board, 10 - dad; 11 - galvanized steel sheet, 12 - insulation, 13 - drainage groove, 14 - lepik.

The full flat roof is shown in the drawing. A sloping layer of variable thickness is made on the thermal insulation layer placed on the vapor barrier, on which the leveling layer is laid, thermal insulation and covering. Because the fallout layer is quite thick, because on the decline 5% is 5-30 cm, materials should be used to make it, light, e.g.. cellular concrete, expanded clay aggregate, which will act as thermal insulation.

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