General information on ventilation of rooms

General information on ventilation of rooms.

Ventilation is the process of air exchange in rooms intended for people or in food storage rooms. The task of ventilation is to remove the air polluted with carbon dioxide from the rooms, steam, dust and excessive amounts of heat, a supply of clean air, rich in oxygen. Air, where people reside, it must be clean and have: humidity, temperature and flow velocity selected yes, that its condition is close to that of normal atmospheric air and that a person does not feel cold or excessive heat. Ventilation may be inlet, when fresh air is supplied, exhaust, when the polluted air and the supply and exhaust air are removed, when fresh air is supplied at the same time and contaminated air is removed. The amount of air removed and supplied is calculated on the basis of the amount of heat and moisture emitted by humans, appliances and food in warehouses. You can also calculate this amount, assuming a multiple of replacement, this is the number of changes of the entire volume of air in the room within an hour. In catering establishments, in addition to natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation is used, as well as air conditioning.

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