ground heat exchanger GHE

ground heat exchanger – GWC

We propose to enrich the basic recuperative system with a ground heat exchanger.

Ground heat exchangers ensure the supply of fresh air with stable parameters to the building throughout the year. In winter, the air is pre-heated and humidified ( humidification only in the gravel ground heat exchanger). The air prepared in this way protects the recuperator against freezing and reduces the negative impact of dry air on the mucous membranes. In summer, the GHE cools and dries the air, so on hot days, at home, the microclimate conditions can be significantly improved, obtaining a very cheap in operation air conditioning system for rooms.

An additional advantage of the gravel ground heat exchanger is its filtration properties. The large amount of gravel acts as a natural filter, trapping dust in the outside air.

Thanks to the combination of a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and a ground heat exchanger, we get effective:
– cooling the building on hot days,
– supporting the regulation of humidity in the building throughout the year,
– additional heating of ventilation air in winter,
– air pre-filtration,
– protection of indoor units against freezing.

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