Hall buildings

Hall buildings or halls are usually single-storey buildings, whose load-bearing structures make it possible to obtain spacious interiors. The shape of the hall building's body depends on its purpose, method of use and applied construction and material solutions. Depending on the nature of the building […]


Steep and flat roofs are used for roofing of buildings, called flat roofs. The flat roof covers the top floor and serves both as a ceiling and a roof. The ceiling is the load-bearing structure, which is usually done horizontally, sometimes over […]

Vaults, part 1

Vaults: a) cylindrical, b) cruciform, c) monastic, d) monastic on the hexagon, e) sailboats, f) dome, g) a sail dome with an attached canopy, h) cruciform climbed. Depending on the purpose of the building and rooms as well as the architectural design of their interior […]