Tesla – inventor and engineer

Tesla – inventor and engineer

Engineers and inventors are undoubtedly the ones among us, who push the progress of civilization forward. This was the case in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it is so and today. Meanwhile, even today we are talking about obtaining clean energy from space, it has a hint of science fiction. Add to this the statement about the omnipresent energy everywhere around us, and perhaps the name of only one such genius of engineering and inventiveness can come to mind to many, which it was undoubtedly Nikola Tesla.

Free energy

The concept of so-called free energy was undoubtedly obsessed with the scientific research of Nikola Tesla. The scientist at the end of his life used literally every free moment to actually search for it.
– (…) I tame the cosmic rays and made them, to serve as a drive (…) – Tesla said 10 July 1931 r. in the pages of the Brooklyn Eagle. – I've been working hard on this for over 25 years, and today I can say, that it worked.
Year 1901 in Nikola Tesla's biography means the scientist's patenting a free energy receiver, which became the "Apparatus for the Use of Radiant Energy". The patent referred directly to "the sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, like cosmic rays ".

Theoretical model of perpetual motion

Also, Nikola Tesla tried to convert a DC generator invented by Michael Faraday in 1831 year in the device of the above-mentioned free energy. In turn, a year 1889 r. meant that Tesla obtained a patent for a "dynamoelectric machine", which construction, which he based on Faraday's idea, the scientist managed to refine in terms of efficiency, this by reducing the drag and reversing the driving torque of the device. Nikola Tesla guided by his considerable intuition, he assumed, that if it is possible to obtain a torque in the same direction - and not as before, the opposite - with the direction of the traffic, then the machine will become a kind of perpetual motion machine. And although Tesla did not manage to do so, his idea and the idea of ​​Faraday may have aroused interest in the years 70. i 80. XX w. many recognized researchers, including a format such as Bruce De Palma, that is, man, who invented the famous N machine.

Mobile robot

The last original idea of ​​Nikola Tesla was the construction, a machine that no longer amazes us today, for a device capable of being remotely controlled by radio and capable of carrying out various activities automatically. First, however, Tesla patented the world's first tool now called a radio pilot, and then created a whole group of devices based on these possibilities, among them a walking machine, later a flying machine and a floating device, which he was the only one to control remotely using his remote control. However, following these traces, Tesla installed the control devices from the remote control to the then peculiar walking machine, and equipping it with sensors and finally "freeing it" allowed for the final in the form of a mobile robot.

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