FF system of reinforced concrete hall construction

Cross-section of the FF system hall with outbuildings.

System FF. The elements of the FF system can be used to make production and storage halls with a span of aisles 18,0 m and the spacing of the columns in the longitudinal direction of the hall of 6,0 i 12,0 - used column grids 18.0×6,0 i 18,0 x 12,0 m. The halls were built without any outbuildings or one with outbuildings- or two-story buildings (Lynx. 7.29). The span of the outbuildings can be 6,0; 7,5; 9,0 i 12,0 m, and the pitch of the poles in the longitudinal direction 6,0 m.

The clear height of the aisles may be 4,8; 6,0; 7,2; 8,4; 9,6; 10,8 i 12,0 m When using internal transport with the use of overhead cranes, a greater height of aisles is assumed.

If cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 3,2 t suspended from roof girders, then the spacing of poles in the longitudinal direction of the hall is 6,0 m. In the case of supported transport - overhead cranes 20 t running on crane beams based on columns - the spacing of the hall columns is 6,0 m or 12,0 m. Column grid 18,0 x 12,0 m is used in these halls, in which non-gantry transport is used.

The load-bearing structure in the transverse direction of the hall consists of formed frames ?c columns fixed in the foundation and girders articulated on them. In the longitudinal direction, the horizontal forces from the wind and cranes are absorbed by the braces placed in the plane of the external and inter-bay columns.

In the picture 7.30 basic construction elements with their markings are presented (symbols), from which halls in the FF system are made. The system includes:

a) single-branch reinforced concrete columns: S-l do S-7 i dwugałęziowe; S-8 do S-ll,

b) SBSFF-90/18 prestressed concrete girder with five variants of reinforcement,

c) Reinforced concrete roof panels in length 587 cm,

d) PSFF-1 and PSFF-2 prestressed concrete roof panels,

e) crane beams type BSFF-60/1, BSFF-60/2, BSFF-90/1 and BSFF–90/2 and BSFF-90/12-I and BSFF-90/12-II,

f) wall elements: insulated and non-insulated panels and ground beams.

The structural system of the outbuildings is made of pillars or walls, on which they are

based reinforced concrete or prestressed beams, and on them a covering made of ceiling or roof panels.

It was present in the FF system 11 types of poles one- and two-branch, which are used as needed and as end columns, intermediate for halls without supported transport and with supported transport.

Basic structural elements of the FF system: a) prestressed concrete girder, b) roof panels: reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, c) aerated concrete wall plate, d) ribbed wall plate, e) foundation, f) wall panel with thermal insulation, g) poles, h) maybe.

SBSFF-90/18 prestressed girders were produced in one length and in five variants of prestressing reinforcement. The drawings show the girder view and its cross-sections, before and after laying the roof panels on top of it. After the roof panels are placed on the girders, the spaces between the ribs of the panels are filled with concrete, which cooperates with the girder in transferring operational loads.

Length reinforced concrete slabs are used to cover the halls 587 cm wide 119 i 149 cm and height 30 cm and compressed about guests 1185 cm, width 119 i 149 cm and height 40 cm.

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