Escalators and ramps

Moving stairs: a) longitudinal section, b) cross sections; 1 - stair drive, 2 - flight of stairs, 3 - housing, 4 - handrail, 5 - ceilings.

Escalators are used to transport people in department stores, at underground railway stations, railway stations and there, where there should be continuous movement of people. The speed of the flight of stairs is 0,6-1,0 m/s. The slope of the escalator is usually 10-30 ° and should not exceed 60 °. The escalators are produced in various lengths and the following widths between the railings: 60, 90 i 120 cm.

On the flight of escalators with a width 60 cm can only be driven by one person. For these reasons, they are uneconomical and are not used in department stores. On the steps of the stairs wide 90 cm, two people can stand. However, the most common on 1 degree falls 1,5 persons. Escalator flights with a width 120 cm are enough for free passage on one step of two, and even three people. The scheme of the escalator structure is shown in the figure.

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