Fixed stairs, part 2

The division of stairs due to the angle of inclination and the dimensions of the steps used in buildings for various purposes.

The maximum height of the steps should not exceed:
15 cm - in buildings of health care facilities, kindergartens,
17,5 cm - in residential buildings, public utility,
19 cm - in single-family houses and two-story apartments,
20 cm - in basement stairs and attics.

Gear inclinations and steps dimensions h x s, depending on the place of use of the stairs, see the picture above.

Step overhangs: a) with a vertical leg, b) with an inclined footrest.

Steps are made with an overhang from 2 do 4 cm. The overhang increases the width of the step, making the steps more comfortable. The figure below shows different shapes of stairs in plan used in buildings of various purposes.

Types of stairs depending on the shape in the floor plan: a) unidirectional single speed, b) three-speed unidirectional, c) unidirectional complex, tl) broken single-speed, e) broken three-speed, f) compound broken, g) single-speed return, h) two-speed return, i) three-speed return, j) complex return, k) T-shaped two-way three-speed, 1) single-speed fan, m) combined fan-shaped, n) curly.

The minimum height of passages under the flights and landings of the stairs, measured vertically, should not be less than 2,0 m in residential buildings, except for entrances to basements and attics, where a height not lower than 1,90 m. Clearance between gears (soul) is usually 5 do 10 cm, so that the staircase formwork can be arranged and the railing handle is rounded gently.

The minimum height of passages under the flights and landings of the stairs.

Due to the need to quickly evacuate people from the building during a fire, staircases are arranged this way, that the routes to them are as short as possible, depending on the fire hazard category or human hazard category. Stairs with treatment steps may only be used then, when they are not escape routes.

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