Central and local air conditioning

Central and local air conditioning.

In order to ensure the appropriate climatic conditions in catering rooms, air-conditioning devices are often installed, which do not only exchange air, but they also regulate its humidity and temperature, regardless of the outdoor climate and the processes taking place in these rooms. Each air-conditioning unit is equipped with cleaning apparatus, heating, cooling, moisturizing, air drying and circulation as well as automatics for automatic regulation of the assumed climatic conditions in rooms. The basic element of the air conditioning system is the air conditioning chamber (drawing).

Drawing. Diagram of the air-conditioning chamber: 1 - outside air damper, 2 - circulating air throttle, 3-air filter, 4 - preliminary heater, 5 - cooler, 6 spray chamber, 7 - secondary heater, 8 - fan.

Fresh air 1 and partially circulating 2 from the rooms is sucked in by the fan 8 and directed to the air filter 3, pre-heater 4 or cooler 5, followed by a spray chamber with water jets 6 and a reheater 7 to the fan 8, from where it is extruded into air-conditioned rooms.

For air conditioning purposes, the air can be prepared centrally, locally or in mixed devices.

In central air conditioning air is prepared in devices located outside air-conditioned rooms ( engine room in the basement, less often in the attic).

Drawing. Diagram of the air conditioning device: a) centralized, b) 2-strefowego.

Completely prepared air is distributed through channels to the desired rooms (figure a). With partially mixed air conditioning (dual-zone, as in the picture b) zone heaters or coolers (that one. fans) are located in air-conditioned rooms, and other apparatus in the central engine room. Air of a certain temperature and relative humidity is supplied through ducts to the room, in which using a cooler, heater or mixing valve obtains strictly required parameters.

In local air conditioning all the devices preparing and setting the air in motion are located in an air-conditioned room. These devices constitute a compact unit with small dimensions.

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