Monolithic buildings part 2

Forum hotel building: a) plan view of a repeating story, b) cross-section.

The figure shows the plan of the repeatable floor and the vertical section of the Forum hotel building in Warsaw. The height of the Forum building is 95,0 m (32 storeys) above the ground. The transverse walls are made of variable thickness; 40 cm cellars and ground floor, 25 cm 1-5 floors, 20 cm from 5 floors up. The longitudinal walls are thick 30 cm in the basement, 20 cm on the ground floor and 15 cm higher. The ceilings are made of thick slabs 30 cm in the underground part and 20 cm above the ground.
The walls and ceilings of the storeys of typical repeatable longwall buildings are made with the use of molds (formwork) single and spatial movable. Unique or rarely repetitive parts of the building - foundations, underground, ground floor and attic - can be made using the traditional method using small-sized universal equipment (formwork, telescopic stands).

In a 30-story residential building in Chicago, a wall-and-column structure has been adopted. Bearing walls are located around the perimeter of the building and inside on the transverse axis at the elevator shafts and the staircase. The thickness of the walls is constant along the entire height of the building and amounts to 30 cm. The floor slabs are thick 20 cm, and their span does not exceed 6,0 m.

The Pirelli office building in Milan has a different structural system . The height of this building is 125 m. The structural system consists of two transverse walls and two shafts located at the ends of the building, connected by ceilings. The walls were made with a variable cross-section at the height of the building, the thickness of the wall at the base is 2,0 m, and at the top 30 cm. Slab ceilings based on post-tensioned concrete beams with a height 75 cm and length 24,0 m and 14,3 m, spaced at 1,5 m.

Plan of the repetitive storey of the Pirelia office building in Milan.

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